Es un Show

Es un Show

Es un Show is a mini-web series produced by Family Bridges about family, relationships, love and life.

Ep 1

Maldita Pobreza

Ep 2

Chopped Fruit

Sometimes we need somebody to remind us to just “chop the fruit!”

Ep 3

Growing Beans

Ep 4

Valentine's Day

Marisol and Pilar don’t see eye to eye when it comes to Valentine’s Day plans.

Ep 5

Always My Valentine

Ah, memories. Unforgettable, vivid and, at times, heartwarming. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the Garza-Jones…

Ep 6

Pilar's News

Pilar has some news for her mom that leaves her speechless.

Ep 7

One Way Street

Barry and Marisol are on their way to date night. Marisol has news about Pilar, but Barry doesn’t want to spend their evening talking about kids or work. Can they do it?