Family Bridges is a nonprofit organization that invites people to make their lives a more personally-fulfillling, happier, and healthier experience. We empower individuals with practical relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution and problem solving. We also help them understand the role that emotions, forgiveness, gratitude, commitment and affection play in any relationship.


  • Growth

    This professional workshop has been presented in factories, corporations, and small businesses. Communication and conflict resolution is taught through a series of dynamic activities, studies, and conversations.

  • Mother Daughter Talks

    This event facilitates conversations between mothers and their daughters about education, relationships, developing a sense of purpose, and setting goals.

  • Parenting with Purpose

    Our parenting workshop is designed to motivate parents to raise successful children with strong character.

  • Romance Eterno

    A workshop for couples that reinforces the importance of communication skills, conflict resolution, negotiation skills and empathy.

If you are interested in bringing this event to your community, you can reach out to If you are interested in attending a workshop, check out our events page for upcoming registration dates.


  • Relationship Smarts

    This youth workshop helps teens acquire practical skills for forming healthy relationships and teaches them a set of core competencies that include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and interpersonal skills.

  • Better Me

    This comprehensive curriculum for youth ages 5-11 offers interactive social emotional learning lessons.

Family bridges is a great program that helps marriages and the entire family to have a better life and it also teaches us how to help other families. I recommend them to everyone.

-Facebook review by Jay Tilapia


  • Que Gente Mi Gente!

    ¡Qué Gente, Mi Gente! is a daily radio novela about family, community, love and life set inside the comings and goings of a very culturally diversified neighborhood.

    It focuses on issues that affect the Latino community, including the struggles and joys of parenthood, marriage, family relations, addictions, obsessions, and the difficulties young ones face. Each season includes 65, 2:30-minute skits with professional actors and reflections with Dr. Alicia La Hoz, author, Executive Director of Family Bridges and Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

  • Los Secretos de Santa Mónica

    Los Secretos de Santa Mónica (The Secrets of Santa Monica) is an off-broadway style theatre production written and produced by Latinos, with an original script, sound score and choreography. It is entertaining, comical, dramatic and intriguing. Embedded throughout the production are messages about family, relationships, decision-making and more.

  • The Struggle Is Real

    The Struggle Is Real is a parenting journey designed to give you the tools you need to raise extraordinary children in a 21st-century world. We have created a pool of resources that include a weekly podcast, a book, and an app program to help you navigate your children's emotions and behaviors.

  • Dating IRL

    Real conversations about hooking up, dating & relationships.

  • Es Un Show

    Es un Show is a mini-web series produced by Family Bridges about family, relationships, love and life.

I brought my teenage son to La Boda – and by brought, I mean dragged. He did not want to be there. I watched him throughout the show and saw how he went from being upset that he was forced to be there, to smiling, to laughing, to enjoying it. He ended up loving the show. We went to dinner afterwards and had conversations about many things we had never talked about before. It was a great mother – son moment.

Audience Member, 2017 La Boda Production