A Journey of Silence

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A Journey of Silence

Contributed by
Nancy Duarte

Hi, I’m excited to share my journey with you, which is strengthening the spiritual disciplines. God intends the Disciplines of the spiritual life for ordinary human beings, like me, people that go to work everyday, care for children, etc. The only requirement to get started is a longing for God. My goal for this year is to start from the inward towards the outward disciplines, and hopefully applying them in the community. So beginners are welcome! Let´s walk together and share our growth in this area.

Let´s see, How to get started? I´m doing my own research by getting books that might help me in my journey. Also, I´m planning to meet a Spiritual Director, someone who is been trained in the process of growing not only in spiritual disciplines, but also in other areas of spiritual life. Good resources of this journey are the books Celebration of Discipline (Richard Foster) and Spiritual Formation (Henry Nouwen). They come from two different traditions, nevertheless, they enrich the journey.

You might wonder, where are you now? I´m working on the process of discipline my body and mind from the everyday noise. Yes, practicing “be still and know that I am God”. This is not an easy goal to accomplish. I´m becoming aware of my own distractions, e.g. the unanswered mail, the phone call pending, the news, etc. Most of all, I would say my inner voices….that take me to the sense of urgency over of what it is really important….also, I´m trying to keep a written journal of my experiences…..I´ll keep you posted!

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