Hope In Your Hands

BE STRONG and TAKE HEART, all you who HOPE in the LORD.

Psalms 33:20

Hope In Your Hands

Hope In Your Hands is a hope-filled collection of real life stories by inspiring couples from different backgrounds who all experienced God’s grace through difficult and painful circumstances. We hope these stories encourage you to take heart and that you realize that God not only has a plan for you, but that He will also walk beside you every step of the way.

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Jonathan & Cinthya Alarcon

In their loss of a newborn child, Jonathan & Cinthya relied on prayer and scripture for comfort. Ultimately, having the courage, they surrendered their pain and heartache to God and He met them in their distress.

Charlie & Elizabeth

After finding themselves moving for the 21st time, Charlie gave in to exhaustion. Elizabeth empathized with him in the process. They both sought their strength from the Lord.

David & Raquel Toledo

Before exchanging their vows, David & Raquel experienced what it really means to be with someone “for better or for worse”.

Jorge Davila & Liliana Arreola

In their suffering a parent’s worst nightmare, Jorge & Liliana surrendered their situation to God. They sought comfort in the scriptures and in one another, and their relationship was strengthened through their grieving process.

30 Day Devotional

This resource can help you and your family encounter Scripture together and make deeper connections with God and each other. This has been designed to be used during the month of July, but you can use it at any time. We suggest you begin Day 1 on a Sunday because some activities are designed around the weekend and Sunday worship. God bless you!