Es un Show

Es un Show

Es un Show is a mini-web series produced by Family Bridges about family, relationships, love and life.

Ep 1

Maldita Pobreza

On the series premiere of Es Un Show, we meet he Garza Jones Family. It’s Christmas day and all the presents look like someone open and rewrapped them. What happened last night? And why is there a white envelope mixed in with the presents? Follow Pilar and Houston as they get into some mischief.

Ep 2

Chopped Fruit

Marisol gets frustrated with how Barry is wasting money. Barry keeps buying fruit that is pre-chopped instead of cutting it himself, which is costing the family extra money they don’t have, not while they are on a strict budget.

Ep 3

Growing Beans

Houston decides he wants to become a farmer, and as all big sisters do, Pilar shoots his dream down. Meanwhile, Barry and Marisol are going over next month’s budget plan. Some cuts have to made, but why?

Ep 4

Valentine's Day

Marisol and Barry have plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day at their favorite restaurant. While Pilar wants to go to the movies with her friends but she is stuck babysitting Houston. Wonder what mom will say?

Ep 5

Always My Valentine

Marisol reminisces about a Valentine’s Day with Barry from 2004. Pregnant with Pilar, the two of them start one of the first Garza Jones traditions.

Ep 6

Pilar's News

Marisol goes to check in on Pilar after their fight. What Pilar tells her mom is shocking. Marisol is left speechless. What did Pilar tell her? And what is Barry doing?

Ep 7

One Way Street

This week, Marisol finally makes it down to the car after hearing Pilar’s big news. Distraught that her daughter has a boyfriend, Marisol struggles to talk to Barry without telling him. Finally, through an awkward silence, she blurts it out. Barry is surprised and makes a wrong turn.

Ep 8

I Date Teenage Boys

Marisol and Barry are on their way back from dinner when they pull up to the front door of the house. There they see a teenage boy just standing by the door. Could he be the infamous boyfriend?

Ep 9

The Man Cold

Barry gets a cold and Marisol pulls out all the Latin “cure-all” fixes that exist. She wants to be there to help him get better, but she also wants to do more. What does Marisol want?

Ep 10

Green Football

Marisol and Barry come home to a house covered in post-it notes. Houston did it, but why? A debate about a lime breaks out. But did Pilar miss out on it all?

Ep 11

The Big Guns

Marisol has a nightmare. What will happen when she gets a job? Will they have to do their own laundry? Who’s going to make lunch? When she wakes up, she knows she is going to need help. So Marisol calls the one person she knows that will help them.