Who is Family Bridges?

Family Bridges promotes thriving communities by delivering services to strengthen family relationships while embracing their cultural and spiritual values.

Our vision is to strengthen families with purpose-driven children, leaders of their generation, committed to their communities. We offer relationship skills workshops in English and Spanish at various community sites, businesses, schools and faith-based organizations.

Family Strengthening

Who will benefit from the Family Bridges workshops?

Everyone benefits when someone learns about healthy relationships in a Family Bridges workshop. We offer workshops for married couples, unmarried couples, individuals, single parents, and teens.

How can I / we register?

Once you see a workshop that interests you, click on “register now” and fill in the information or call the telephone number listed for that class.

How long are the workshops?

The classes are generally 8–12 hours long, given over several days.

Is childcare provided?

In most cases yes; please call the telephone number listed for the workshop to confirm.

Do you provide snacks?

If the session is two hours or longer, snacks are provided.

Do I / we have to attend all the sessions?

In order to obtain the greatest benefit and receive a Certificate of Completion, you must attend all the sessions.

My fiancé and I will be married soon, should we attend these workshops?

“Before You Say I Do” is one of the workshops we offer for couples like you. Attending this workshop will teach you different techniques in communication, problem-solving, keeping the “spark” in your romance and much more.

My husband / wife works. Can I come by myself to the workshop?

The workshops are intended to enrich family and marriage relationships. Though in some cases one spouse may come, we encourage you both to attend the fun sessions where you will learn valuable techniques in communication between you and your spouse and your children, how to solve problems and resolve conflicts, the importance of commitment and much more.

We are living together but not married, do we both have to attend the workshop?

Yes. The workshops are intended to help you understand the value of commitment in a relationship and how important communication, problem solving, conflict resolution is in order to maintain that relationship healthy.

What services / opportunities are offered in the Family Bridges Works program?

Case Managment
Parenting and / or Financial Management workshops
Job Readiness & Career Advancement workshops
Job Training (Subsidized Employment (temporary, part-time, $9 / hr.)

How do you qualify for the Family Bridges Works program?

Be low income
Complete one of our 8–10 hour healthy relationship workshops
Have legal permanent residency or U.S. citizenship (i.e., authorization to work in U.S.), if going into a certificate programs or applying for a subsidized job
Not have been a previous recipient of our Family Bridges program services

Who do we need to contact about the FB Works Program?

(877) 412-7434, ext. 215 or 216

Family Strengthening

“I like your programs and what you are doing for the families. Are there any areas where I can help you keep these programs going?”

You can help in several ways:

Families Bridges is fortunate to have an On the Move program for volunteers. This gives you the opportunity to learn leadership skills and spread the message of healthy relationships. Our work is successful largely thanks to the participation of our faithful, hardworking volunteers serving as leaders in their communities.
Call us at 877-412-7434 to get involved and make a difference in your community.
We also need supporters like you to donate to keep Family Bridges programs going in high-need communities. Any amount will help us strengthen more families. Click here to make a monthly or one-time donation.

What opportunities exist for volunteers?

Our volunteer program offers a wide variety of opportunities such as internships, event support, office assistant positions, couple’s mentoring, or leading a Family Bridges Chapter in your local community. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for detailed information and fill out our online application or call us at 877-412-7434. After we receive your application, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview. Volunteer opportunities are located in our Oak Brook Terrace office as well as various host sites throughout the Chicagoland area.

What is the time commitment for volunteering?

Time commitments can vary depending on which area or program you are involved with. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.

What is the minimum age to become a volunteer?

The majority of our volunteers are over 14-years-old. We also welcome teenagers, 16 and up, and place them on projects on a case by case basis.
Please call 877-412-7434 for more information.

What are the benefits of volunteering with Family Bridges?

You can help make a difference by helping families and couples stay together. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities that allow for interaction with Family Bridges participants. Not only will you gain experience working in a professional organization, you’ll see how your work helps our participants each and every day. There is no greater and rewarding experience than helping someone in need.

What is a Marriage Champion?

Marriage Champions are mentors to other couples. They offer invaluable advice and guidance on marriage issues ranging from problem solving, communication, finances, and the in-laws. You can be a mentor couple to an engaged couple, those who would like enrichment, or to those in troubled relationships.

Why become a Marriage Champion?

If marriage and family matters to you, if you are interested in being a positive influence in your community and if you are looking to transform your own life and marriage, then you should consider becoming a Marriage Champion. This program will give you an opportunity to share your skills and gain new ones, to have an impact in your community and to make a difference in the lives of others as well as your own.

What is expected of us as Marriage Champions?

We only ask that you be committed to providing mentorship to other couples for a period of one year.

What trainings and resources will you provide?

Marriage Champions receive an 8-hour leadership development training in how to coach couples in relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution, financial management, values clarification, setting goals, and much more. The training is based off of our interactive curriculum that is full of role-plays, games and activities. All Marriage Champions receive a comprehensive manual and toolkit that will allow them to facilitate mentoring groups with other couples that are effective and engaging. Additionally, there are follow-up training courses held every six months that provide opportunities to learn new coaching skills and provide additional resources.

What are the requirements to becoming a Marriage Champion?

In order to become a Marriage Champion, the following requirements must be met:
Have attended a Family Bridges workshop
Personal beliefs must align with Family Bridges mission and vision
Attend the Marriages Champions leadership development workshop
Couples must be married, have a stable and strong marriage and must live by the 12 healthy qualities of a healthy relationship

What are our next steps to become a Marriage Champion?

Call us at 877-412-7434. We want to talk to you about your interest in becoming a Marriage Champion! There are some forms to fill out and an assessment for you take.


Does Family Bridges offer workshops with “faith” based content?

YES. Churches and religious organizations who desire faith based content simply need to request this.

What kinds of programs does Family Bridges Faith have to offer churches?

Family Bridges Faith offers a variety of faith based programs including: presentations, workshops, mini-retreats, assessment for pastoral couples, and consultation for family program development. Family Bridges also can provide speakers for different types of family events.

How can we learn more about the Faith based programs of Family Bridges?