Feel This Feel That: Helping your kids understand their emotions

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Feel This Feel That: Helping your kids understand their emotions

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When conflicts or triumphs arise, do you listen to your children’s stories? Or do you find yourself becoming annoyed and trying to push them to the side?

Sometimes kids just don’t know what they’re feeling. Other times, they don’t know how to deal with their emotions. In this Feel This, Feel That podcast, our panel provides us with some helpful tips on how to help kids understand, express and deal with their feelings.

People On This Episode

Alicia La Hoz

Dr. Alicia La Hoz
Resident Expert

Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos

Family Bridges

Veronica Avila

Family Bridges

Dr. Maria Cornejo Garcia
Special Guest

This Week's Action

  • Be aware of your own and your children’s emotions
  • Validate your child’s emotional experiences
  • Approach your child’s emotions as a teaching opportunity
  • Help your child label their emotions
  • Problem solve with your child about handling emotions in emotional situations

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