Get Trained

Get Trained

A Better Me

“A Better Me” training provides resources, lessons, and activities for teaching children how to make smart decisions, problem-solve and communicate effectively. Tailored for children ages 4 to 12, this curriculum teaches kids how to apply social emotional learning skills and ethical values in everyday situations.

To request a training for your school, church or community center, call 877-412-7434.

GROWTH: Professional Development

This curriculum provides companies with solutions for relational wellness by empowering employees with valuable skills and boosting their morale. Our curriculum provides training that encompasses team building, problem-solving, conflict resolution, communication skills, stress management, and leadership development.

To request a training for your business or organization call 877-412-7434.

Strong Parents, Strong Schools

This curriculum motivates parents to raise successful children and teens by teaching them strong character development skills, relationship smarts, giving them a desire for community-engagement, and instilling an aspirational vision for them to succeed academically.

To request a training for your school, church or community center call 877-412-7434.