Hot Dog Con To’ (with everything)

Hot Dog Con To’ (with everything)

Contributed by
Joana Meléndez

I grew up in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. Honestly, I was a very picky girl when it came to what I ate.  And one of my favorite foods was hot dogs.

I can remember getting up early in the morning and going shopping with my mom in the pueblo.  By 8 am people were at the pueblo running errands, strolling along in the plaza or chatting with friends they hadn’t seen in a while.

When it came close to lunch time, the plaza came alive as folks made their way to the different fondas (small restaurants serving all kinds of homemade dishes) along the perimeter of the plaza.  There were so many inviting smells that it was hard for these hungry people that had been up since before dawn to make a choice.   And in the plaza, there were many carts displaying different yummy things to eat.  Some vendors were peeling the fresh oranges,  other vendors were selling their piraguas, others had helados (shaved ice with flavored syrups and soft coconut ices).

In one of the busiest corners there was a hot dog stand.   I couldn’t resist stopping for lunch to eat a yummy “Puerto Rican” hot dog paired with a very cold malta india beverage.

A hot dog Puerto Rican style consists of adding ground beef, cooked or grilled onions and shoestring potatoes along with the regular toppings such as mustard, ketchup, relish, etc.

¡Buen provecho!

Special shout out to our beautiful people in Puerto Rico who will soon have their delicious Hot Dog Con To’ on the menu.

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