Husbands, Learn to Say “Yes Honey” and Renew the Romance in Your Relationship

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Husbands, Learn to Say “Yes Honey” and Renew the Romance in Your Relationship

Contributed by
Alicia La Hoz, PsyD

One of the recurring complaints that I hear from men about their wives is that they nag them to the point where they feel like they’re one of the kids.

If you’re a husband, have you ever asked yourself why it is that your wife asks you to do the same thing over and over again? Nagging you constantly until you comply with her request? Usually when a woman repeats herself over and over again, it’s because she feels like she’s not being heard. And when a woman feels like she’s not being listened to, she feels ignored. Your silence and what she perceives as a lack of action can produce frustration within her. Before this anxiety and frustration kick in, she will try to plead, demand, repeat and nag her request repeatedly. However, this nagging results in being counter productive because it will only lead husbands to become more distant as they will feel disrespected. This redundant cycle is one of marriage’s biggest enemy, as well as a serious buzz kill for romance. As one individual pleads, the other ignores. And the more the one ignores, the more demanding and unbearable the other one becomes.

So, how do you break this cycle? Husbands, learn to say, “yes honey”. When husbands do things out of their own initiative, wives feel supported. When a father gets home from work, plays with his kids and makes sure their homework is complete, this endears his wife. When a husband takes out the trash on a regular basis without being reminded, this endears his wife. When a husband takes on the responsibility to make sure that bills are being paid on time, this endears his wife.

Your wife will feel loved when you – man, father and husband – take the initiative to share the responsibilities of the home. In so doing, you will show your wife that she is loved. And when she feels loved, you will feel loved. Anxiety and frustration will be replaced with peace and happiness, and in turn you will receive sweet words and tender loving care. Redefine your actions; be generous with your time and with your words.

Say, “yes honey” and endear your wife over and over again.

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