My Dad Rocks

Family Bridges

My Dad Rocks

Contributed by
Isaías Pérez

Having a father like Marlon Pérez has been a blessing and a privilege given to me by God. Ever since I was a child, I can remember my father being a hardworking and mighty man. He was always responsible with both his secular job and his ministry as the Pastor of God’s church.

Something I have always admired about my father is that no matter how much work he had or how hard his job was, he always managed to have time for his family. I remember him taking us to the movie theatre (one of my favorite spots), the park, and all-day outings. Once a year, we would go on a week-long vacation to a hotel or a cabin close to the beach. This was a great adventure for me and my siblings, since we lived in a rural area away from the city.

One thing I always noticed during our vacations was that no matter what, my dad would always make time to spend with my mother. I still remember the day they went on a cruise for a week and I got so upset and asked him, “Why do you take her on a cruise and not me and my siblings?” I don’t recall my father ever responding.

Time has passed and now as a young adult I can see and appreciate the importance of his vacations with my mother. As a good husband, he took care of their relationship, just as he continues to do today. The nest is slowly emptying now, and my parents are left with a strong link of love that they have developed with time.

Today, as a man, I can say that a good father not only takes care of his children, but also of the woman that gave him the privilege and the blessing of becoming a father. Thank you, Marlon, for being such a special father.

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