New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Contributed by
Robert Salazar

New Year. New Me. So it goes, right? Every January we make little missions to live life more fully and expand our lives. “life” is a big word. It has so many definitions beyond just gym memberships and eating vegetables.

Luckily, smarter people than me have considered life’s possibilities, one of whom is Woody Guthrie, a folk rock pioneer and all around genius of life.

How can I call him a genius of life? Well, just look at his “New Year’s Rulin’s”

He starts out with what we all decide. “1. Work More and Better.”

We could all benefit from learning to work smarter, or, when we get back home, finishing that novel that has been sitting on our shelf. By saying “better” Guthrie implies that we can improve our work’s quality, not just it’s dividends. He gives us some advice as to how by saying, “Work by a schedule.” We all work via some system, and every system needs a reboot every once in a while.

He ends by saying, “33. Wake up and fight.” Again, he makes such an open and rounded suggestion that has many definitions. This year, I’m going to think about what I’m fighting for and begin my day with intention.

I want to give a special shoutout to the rulin’ “20. Dream Good.” I know this year, I’m going to give a lot of attention to my waking hours and how to be more productive, but I also need to remember to enjoy the little pleasures that come in the meanwhile. It’s my personal belief that everything you see while you’re awake is set dressing for your dreams. So if I keep on the colorful life path I’m on, I should have some great productions behind-the-scenes in my head.

New Year. New Dreams. I’m going to do my best to make them good ones.

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