Nothing worth having comes easy

Nothing worth having comes easy

Contributed by
Sarah Pichardo

You’re not born walking. First you learn to roll over and to sit. Then you learn to crawl. Then you learn to stand up while holding on to furniture, then by yourself. Then you manage to take a few steps before falling down, but you get up and do it again, and fall again. Then, and only after you’ve fallen more times than anyone can count and gotten back up, do you become a pro at walking. It’s hard work, but well worth it.

This is life. Everything you do isn’t easy until you’ve done it so many times, that it becomes easier. But you have to work.

Technology and social media have spoiled us with fulfilling our need for instant gratification. We want everything and we want it now. But success isn’t instant and doesn’t happen overnight.

A person who’s never run a mile in his life knows he can’t show up to a marathon and expect to complete it. He won’t get very far. Rather he gets on a training schedule, starts off slow and works his way up to running longer and longer until he reaches his goal.

Earlier this year, I set a New Year’s resolution. It’s to write a screenplay. I’ve never written a screenplay before. I’ve written for radio dramas, for theatre, for advertising and marketing purposes, but never have I written a full feature movie. I have the story idea and I could have sat down and started writing based on what I know, but the odds of that turning out any good are slim. Instead, I started by reading one book that introduced me to the topic. From there I set some time goals. Then I started reading more books, attending webinars, taking several classes and workshops from people who actually know what they’re doing, reading screenplays and watching lots of movies. In a few months, I’ll be conducting interviews, and from there I will work on an outline and then I will begin to write. I don’t expect to be done anytime soon. But I have set a goal and have given myself a goal date – allowing for some flexibility (but not too much because we all know that excuses are our worst enemy).

Set a goal. Set a date for when you want to accomplish your goal. Take baby steps. Take bigger steps. Fall down. Get back up. Keep going. Assess your progress. Adjust steps when necessary. Be flexible. Work hard. Work harder.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

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