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It’s easy to get swept away by the demands of your children. They can invade your bed, take over your free time, and cut into your hobbies. As you meet their needs, it’s easy to ignore the needs of your spouse. Many spouses grow apart during the early parenting years. As they do so, they are more susceptible to getting their emotional needs met by something or someone else. Whether it’s an affair or an addiction – these escapes offer an opportunity for each person in the relationship to obtain a form of pseudo-love.  Intentionally investing in your marriage week by week, month-by month, is essential to keep your relationship thriving.

People On This Episode

Alicia La Hoz

Dr. Alicia La Hoz
Resident Expert

Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos

Family Bridges

Veronica Avila

Dr. Nadia Persun

Dr. Nadia Persun
Special Guest

Greg Persun

Greg Persun
Special Guest

This Week's Action

  • Look for 10 minutes each day within your everyday routine, where you can turn towards your spouse (i.e., morning coffee, snuggling together and watching TV after the kids go to bed, driving to an event together), and share something about your spouse that you are grateful for.
  • Create a vision statement for your marriage (see tools below for step-by-step instructions)
  • The following tools can help you along the way: How to create a vision for your Family and Marriage.

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