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Studies on self-esteem have found that increased self-esteem is related to poorer performance on tasks, more relationship problems, more engagement in risky behaviors, and more aggressive and violent behavior. Instead of focusing on self-esteem, as parents we are challenged to raise children who have self-compassion. When children are compassionate with themselves, meaning they are not too hard or negative on themselves for their shortcomings, they will most likely be more compassionate with others as well. If we are defined by what we do or don’t do, then we will always need to climb a ladder that never reaches a final destination. We will always have to work harder and it will never be enough because these efforts will not satisfy our soul or meet the benchmark we’ve created.

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Alicia La Hoz

Dr. Alicia La Hoz
Resident Expert

Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos

Family Bridges

Veronica Avila

Dave Griffin
Special Guest

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  • Take some time to learn about compassion and what it really means. Check out the Compassionate Program for more information.

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