Respect: The New Dating Rule

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Respect: The New Dating Rule

Contributed by
Sarah Pichardo

I was listening to a very popular morning radio show here in Chicago and during the few minutes I was tuned in, my blood pressure went through the roof. A listener had called in about something or other and the DJs asked her about her sex life. Apparently, at the time, she had been dating someone for a little over a month and to date she had not slept with him yet. To this admission, the DJs lost their minds. They couldn’t believe this was possible and asked her if she was prude or just ignorant of the 3-date rule.

The 3-date rule. Have you heard about this one? It’s the “rule” that after 3 dates, you should get physically intimate with someone. There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t know where to begin. But I do have one question for anyone going around pushing this nonsense on to other people…When your teenage daughter starts dating, is that the advice you’re going to give her? Will that conversation go something like,“Hey honey, once you’ve gone out on three dates with so and so, it’s time for you to have sex with him and we’re totally cool with it, because well that’s what’s supposed to happen.” Is that what you will say?

I highly doubt it. If it’s not something you would tell your own children, don’t recommend it to others. Teach your kids to have respect for themselves and to be respectful of others. If you don’t, no one else will.

The woman on the other end of the phone has something that people are no longer accustomed to. She has RESPECT for herself. She knows she’s worthy of more than a one-night stand, more than a few dates, more than a temporary commitment. She understands and knows she’s worthy of having a lifetime partner who not only values her and loves her, but who also RESPECTS her.

RESPECT. The new 3-date rule.

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