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What boundaries do you think you need to put in place to help protect your time with your spouse?

Boundaries within the family are important. For example, putting children to bed consistently at a reasonable time every evening is not only good for their development but it also gives you some breathing room for you to enjoy some free time or take time to talk with your spouse. Honoring time with your spouse is another way you can create boundaries that help you keep your romantic life alive. Date your spouse. When you do so, you’ll create moments when you can talk. These moments also create opportunities for you to grow in intimacy with one another. Managing children is taxing and it is easy to neglect your romantic life. Children will chip away at your privacy and will invade all of your space, time and energy if you let them. You have to work at protecting your privacy. This means protecting your couple time by having regular date nights.

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This Week's Action

  • Schedule a date night with your spouse this month. During the date night, talk about a common goal you both share or that you both would like to engage in (i.e., take a dance class together, learn a new sport/hobby together, or serve together in a charity or ministry you both feel passionate about). Check out the date night ideas and resources in the date night program under tools.

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