Single and Happy

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Single and Happy

Contributed by
Isaias Perez

There are times in life when we feel lonely just because were single. Not only that, we may also feel rejected, not attractive enough or valuable to have someone by our side. But the truth is, we, as single people have been blessed with singlehood. If we decide to live it well. This is a time to grow both as human beings and professionally.

So this is my message to you: Enjoy this time as a single person to the max. Give the best of yourself in everything you do and when you least expect it, that special person will come into your life. By then, you’ll have a great deal to offer because you invested your singlehood in positive things that your partner will be able to appreciate and enjoy by your side. If you’re single, you’re not alone. And no, you are not unattractive either. You’re just in a time of growth and development. So enjoy your singlehood and make the best of it!

“Being single isn’t a time to be looking for love, use that time to work on yourself and grow as an individual” – Unknown.

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