Social Media vs. Family Time

Family Bridges

Social Media vs. Family Time

Contributed by
Eva Fleming

If we’re not careful, we may allow time spent on social media, electronic games, and TV to take away from family time. That’s why it’s so important to intentionally develop our family relationships. These types of deliberate actions begin when we teach and model a healthy interaction with our family members.

Kids enjoy family time when parents invest in their children’s hearts. Kids know when their parents pay attention to their concerns and love them more when they’re not perfect and are willing to take them by the hand until they feel strong enough to walk on their own.

When you disconnect from social media, you can invest in family time. Investing time is the opposite of rushing. When we have time, we are able to eat together, play together, and pray together. Few things have a great impact on a family relationship, when you spend time together, supporting each other and enjoying each other.

Parents can also learn how to allow themselves into their children’s space in a natural and refined manner. If your children are Little, sit with the on the floor where they spend most of their time and play with them or make drawings together, if their a Little older enjoy morning coffee together.

Developing relationships at home is a great investment in our patience, time, and effort, but in order to achieve it, we first have to learn to limit our appetite for social media and online relationships.

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