At Family Bridges, we use the power of story to educate, spark conversation and initiate change. Our cultural programs use edutainment to reach large masses with a powerful message of hope.

What is Edutainment?

Edutainment is content designed to both educate and entertain. It includes content that is primarily educational but has a high entertainment value.

Why does Family Bridges use Edutainment?

At its heart, these productions embrace Family Bridges’ goal of weaving together the threads of family, marriage, culture and identity, strengthening the fabric of our communities.

While the larger society and the large entertainment industry seems at times intent on unraveling the threads of marriage and family, our work will ensure the strength and vibrancy of our communities, stronger than the sum of their parts and united in common goals, common values and common dreams.

¡Qué Gente, Mi Gente! (QGMG)

¡Qué Gente, Mi Gente! is a daily radio novela about family, community, love and life set inside the comings and goings of a culturally diversified neighborhood. Each season consists of 65, 2-minute skits with professional actors and reflections with Dr. Alicia La Hoz.

This edutainment series is currently on its 7th season and is producing its 8th season. To-date it has covered 32 majors topics and subjects such as relationships and marriage, parenting, finances, character, addiction, trauma, sex trafficking and much more.

It currently airs on over 600 radio stations in 25 countries and can also be listened to online.

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The Secrets of Santa Monica

The Secrets of Santa Monica is a bilingual, theatre production of Off-Broadway quality, with an original script, professional actors and dancers, original music score and customized set design. It is written and produced by Latinos.

Embedded throughout this edutainment production are messages about family, relationships, marriage, commitment, decision-making and more. This show is for both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audiences as it is performed in Spanglish.

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