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Imagine the type of adult your child would turn out to be if every day you said to them something along the lines of, “you are good, courageous, wise, compassionate, peaceful, and kind,” instead of things like, “you look so pretty, I like your dress, your shoes are so cool, I hope you had fun today.”  Whether it’s derogatory remarks, compliments or cheers for work well done, our words are etched in the fiber of our children’s souls. A child’s sense of value and worth is tied to the blessings or the curses we pour into them. If your child is like a sculpture, and your words are like a chisel, think about how your words are shaping your child’s identity and self-worth. Would you like them to value themselves based on their looks and what they possess? Or would you want them to value their strong character traits? Speak words that bless your children, strengthen them, and reinforce their positive attributes.

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Alicia La Hoz

Dr. Alicia La Hoz
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Omar Ramos

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Damaris Bran

Damaris Bran
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This Week's Action

  • Think of at least five words that describe that type of character that you would like your child to have as an adult.
  • Find opportunities during the day to speak these words into your children’s lives. For example, “you showed courage today when even though you were scared, you still stood in front of class delivered your presentation.
  • The following tools can help you along the way: Your Parents and Worth

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