Valentine Ideas No Matter Your Facebook Relationship Status

Valentine Ideas No Matter Your Facebook Relationship Status

Contributed by
Eduardo Morales

Flying Solo? Just found bae? Settled in and enjoying #marriedlife?

Here are some ideas for enjoying your Valentine’s Day, no matter what your Facebook relationship status may be.



Single individuals have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to V-Day. In my opinion, your perspective is what makes or breaks this touchy feely day of love. Even if you don’t have a date, you can make the most of this day by showing your love to others. In my single years I’ve done things like writing cards to my family to let them know that I love them and am thankful for them. One year, I even wrote a Valentine’s Day letter to my future wife, years before I met her (She was able to read it this year when we got married). Find a way to do something nice for someone, whether it is taking a co-worker out to lunch or inviting your single friends to come over for a potluck dinner. You can still have a lot of fun on this day, even if you are flying solo!



There are a lot of great ideas. You don’t have to break the bank to show someone that you love them, but I would suggest doing something different from the norm. Make a lasting memory. Do a painting night where you paint a portrait of that other person. Take them to the restaurant they’ve been asking you about for a while. Get dressy, maybe go the fancy route. Then, go out to a coffee shop and talk about the qualities and characteristics you love about that other person. Maybe you’ve been dating for a while, and you’re ready to make the long-term commitment. While it might be cliche, there’s no sweeter day to profess your love for someone.



I’ve only been married for three months now, but I’ll offer some ideas I’m thinking of. Be intentional about spending time with each other. Put a reminder on the calendar. Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt. Leave little notes around house with little gifts or cards that they can find. Send them a Snapchat or short video with a special message a few times throughout the day. Have a romantic meal. Get the kids involved. Have them be the waitress or waiter. Have them be the DJ or perform a special concert. Or if that’s too much, put the kids to bed early. Binge watch ‘This Is Us’ together on the sofa, feeding each other dessert. Take some time to look over your wedding photos or watch your wedding video. Be romantic as possible. Receive the love. Enjoy the flowers and the chocolates. Enjoy the quality time with that special person. Make the most of the occasion.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Most of us are past the old grammar school days of giving out shiny cards with cartoon characters and little boxes of chalky hearts etched with “Wanna be mine?” Even if you have not yet been hit by Cupid’s lucky arrow, this Hallmark holiday is a great opportunity to do something special for someone in your life who brings you joy, whether that is your partner, relative, or close friend. Take the opportunity this year to tell those you care about that they are loved.

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