That Bizarre Thing: Carrot Cake

That Bizarre Thing: Carrot Cake

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Barb Linek

When I was a little girl, it was a rare treat to see my cousins in Michigan. When I was in fourth grade, we planned a summer trip to visit them on their big farm in the “thumb” of Michigan. (Michigan looks like a mitten and they live in the east side of the state near Lake Huron, which looks like the thumb of a mitten.)

The first night we were there I heard someone mention that they were bringing “carrot cake” for our big family get-together the next day. Carrot cake?!?  I’d never heard of such a bizarre thing! Who would put vegetables in a cake?!? That’s crazy! (You must remember this is long before carrot cake appeared on every dessert menu.) Imagine my surprise the next day when I tasted this aforementioned “carrot cake.” It was delicious! Moist and a little spicy with that marvelous, rich cream cheese icing we all know and love!

Some years later when I was in college, making carrot cake became a community-building affair. I lived with three girls, all French majors, from three different cultures – one was Polish, one Italian and one Bahamian. But we all agreed on one thing – we loved carrot cake! So it became a house ritual to join together in the kitchen, pull out three peelers and start peeling the carrots for carrot cake. We didn’t have food processors back then so we had to use the peelers to shred all those carrots too. And when the cake was iced and ready to eat, a bunch of guys would magically appear to help us enjoy the finished product.

Did you ever eat anything bizarre that ended up being delicious? Share your experience with us!

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  1. Family Bridges/Lazos de Familia,

    Hello. I am very interested in volunteering. I have known about Family Bridges-Lazos de Familia and hear only the best and most positive things about you. I live in Glen Ellyn, IL and want to give back. I know Spanish but do not give counseling in it, yet. Although, I do help with intakes. I work for a bilingual Psychologist Dr. Edgar Ramos and am doing extra work towards my LCPC. I work as a LPC, at a Christian private practice. I attend Willlow Creek Community Church and have been volunteering for 4 years on the protection team helping with Casa de Luz and doing research for Active Shooter protocol of the mega Church.

    I attend Casa de Luz and volunteer on the Prayer Team. My best of friends attend there. I enjoy following the daily devotions from the Pastors.
    My expertise and past experience has been helping childten and families. I volunteered as a Sunday School teacher for several years growing up. My life long passion and ministry has always been for the Latino population. I have two masters one in psychology and the other in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My best friend is from Mexico. I enjoy cooking, especially Latin food. I enjoy baking too, (not as good at it) :/…..I help out my Fathers Church in Blue Island one in Chicago and help cook for their Bible school breakfast.
    My supervisor Dr. Edgar Ramos worked at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Hospital and I want to give back ;-but first I want to research just how great a place is Family Bridges. God bless you guys!!!!

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