The Best Vacation – Puerto Rico

The Best Vacation – Puerto Rico

Lissette Cardona

As a family we decided on going beach hopping in Puerto Rico, the kids had never been, well except for my son but he was only one at the time, so according to him, it didn’t count. We didn’t have a plan other than to rent a car and see where the road leads. Let the fun begin!

We had two rules on this trip; BE ADVENTUROUS, and NO phones!

In the Moment

One of the first beaches we went to was Playa La Pocita in Piñones, a beautiful beach surrounded by breakwater where the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash up against it, and the wind carries the mist coming off the rocks through the air. My husband and I were relaxing at the edge of the water, watching the kids play. All of a sudden, it started to rain, my first inclination was to grab all our things and run; but the kids weren’t phased by it, we were already wet, so we stayed, and I’m glad we did. Kids have this way of living in the moment and enjoying every second of a new experience. So, instead of just watching them, my husband and I joined them, and for that moment we were kids again except this time our babies were right there with us, and we played in the rain together. By the way, we were safe; the sun was shining bright as it played peek-a-boo through white clouds, and we saw a rainbow in the distance.

We’ve collectively decided to add a new rule. BE IN THE MOMENT!

New Experiences

Now we’re off again, this time the car ride is a little longer, we’re heading to La Parguera, on the southwestern side which is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. We’re on our way to meet my husband’s cousin; it’s their first time meeting in person. After a quick bite, we went to his boat for what we thought was going to be a nice boat ride; it turned out to be one of the most Ahhhmazing day’s we would have on this trip.

It’s a short ride through floating houses and a mesmerizing blue sea to a nature reserve called Cayo Caracoles (Snails Cay). The kid’s eyes lit up when we pulled between the mangroves, and Dee’s cousin says, “alright guys, go ahead, jump in!”  Huh? I thought and kind of said out loud, then I was reminded we’re on an adventure!  It was a beautiful thing to see the excitement and fearless wonder of the kids as they jumped into the crystal clear, shallow, and calm warm waters of this nature reserve in the middle of the sea. My husband decided to join them, and they made their way to a rope hanging from a tree between the groves, one by one they climbed slowly up the tree, grabbed the rope for dear life, swung, and jumped in. After that first jump, they raced up the tree trying to get as many swings in as possible. It was spectacular to witness!

My husband’s cousin has one more place to show us, so the kids hurried back in the boat before the sun began to set, and we made our way to Playa Rosada. A great picnic area with a pier that extends out into a natural pool of seawater. What do you think we did?… Of course, we jumped in!  The sun was beginning to dip into the horizon, and the sky glowed with bold, vibrant shades of red and orange all around us. Pure Magic!

Just Keep Jumping!

Our last leg of this trip brought us to the Northwest side of the Island; we’re going to Crash Boat beach in Aguadilla. Not sure any boats crashed there, though, the U.S. used it during WWII for the Crash Rescue Boat Squadron. Now, remember how in Finding Nemo Dory just keeps swimming well in our case these kids and my husband just keep jumping off the ridiculously high dock. Initially, they were fearful of jumping, but fear is a good thing; the release of adrenaline gives us that fight or flight response, it let us know we’re alive. The question is, will you take the chance and jump in, or will you sit in fear?

As a kid, I’d spent a few summers in Puerto Rico with my grandparents and family but had never met the island, the people, and the ocean quite like this. Everything looked and smelled familiar, but there was a more profound connection now that my family and I were exploring and immersing ourselves in it all together. I’m glad we decided to disconnect from our phones, be adventurous, live in the moment, and not let fear stop us from having the time our lives together! You may or may not be wondering, why I didn’t join in on some of the more adventurous moments on this trip; well that’s because I was pregnant and this was our Family Baby Moon.

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