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Parenting pressures can make parenting seem like a competition, where parents scour Pinterest for the best ideas on how to create a spectacular birthday party or science project. While parents want to expose their children to enriching opportunities that promote their growth and development, we need to be mindful to not fall into the competition trap or into a mindset that our child’s magical experiences need to be orchestrated. Sometimes, all a parent needs to do is step out of the way so kids can be kids; the magic will come on its own.

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Alicia La Hoz

Dr. Alicia La Hoz
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Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos

Family Bridges

Veronica Avila

Family Bridges

Marcela Saldeña
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This Week's Action

  • Facilitate your child taking the lead in putting together the assigned school project for the month or engage your child in planning his birthday party (or a similar event). Provide the supplies and support for them to succeed but let them work on it without interfering. Journal how it felt for you as a parent to let them turn in a project that was unpolished by you. And also take note of how your child felt throughout the process.

Use the following tools to help you along the way: Magic of Childhood 

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