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While giving kids tokens like stickers works especially well when they are young, we’d like them to be motivated by more than a shiny star. Plus, it can be a bit taxing and demanding for a parent to consistently be on the alert for rewardable good behavior. When they are motivated on their own accord, it’s less work for you as a parent. One agent that motivates kids (and adults alike) is feeling autonomous. Meaning that they have a sense of agency, that they are recognized, that they are valued, that their choices and opinions matter.

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Alicia La Hoz

Dr. Alicia La Hoz
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Omar Ramos

Omar Ramos

Family Bridges

Veronica Avila

Family Bridges

Victoria Garcia
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This Week's Action

Step One: Choose a habit you would like your child to work on

Step Two: Practice giving them 2-3 choices when asking them to do these things.


Habit 1: Organize school supplies

  • Decorate boxes for school supplies with materials of their choosing
  • Give them a couple of choices of times when to work on this (i.e., after school on Wednesday, Saturday morning)

Habit 2: Clean room

  • Choose what to clean first; Pick up toys first or put the Legos away first
  • Pick a time; they can clean their room on the weekend or in the morning before heading out to school or in the evening after dinner. 

Habit 3: Have limited use of technology 

  • Choose between watching 30 min of favorite show OR 30 minutes of playing on the Tablet
  • Play video games for x minutes OR watch favorite movie

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