Growing Stronger Together

Family Bridges

Growing Stronger Together

Contributed by
Omaira Gonzalez

I hate exercising! The thought of getting on a treadmill and walking or running while looking at a TV screen just bores me, not to mention all of the sweating.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe exercising is good for you and I have tried different exercise regimens. I just have always had a hard time finding an activity that I truly enjoy until recently.


A few months ago my husband and I decided to purchase some bicycles and go ride on trails together.  At first it was very challenging for me as my muscles would scream in pain as I pushed through, every pedal reminding me how much I hate exercising and why.  We were both clearly out of shape and it had been years since we rode bikes.  We felt miserable the first few times we hit the trails and I wondered if this was truly worth it. Eventually it started to get a little easier, not because the struggle lessened, but because we had made a commitment follow through, had a goal of completing the trails and had each other for support.  As we would ride together, we would encourage one another and challenge ourselves to always go the next mile.  Together we began to explore, enjoy the adventure and each other’s company.  Then our beautiful adventure would end at a smoothie shop where we could refresh and talked about our journey.  Soon the pain or struggle of what we felt was not the focal point, but how we had been able to get farther and farther down the trails each time. I enjoyed this activity and realized that with each adventure we not only grew stronger physically but also grew stronger together.


I realized that working out together is a lot more than just going to the gym or just going for a walk to simply exercise and stay fit.  Working out is also about building a relationship of trust, strengthening it, challenging it to always go the extra mile, even when there is some struggle or it feels hard.  The adventure of marriage should not be focused on the hardships, but on how far you can go together. It starts with a simple commitment to encourage each other and then watch the other person grow stronger next to you.

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